The quality of service in any company is directly related to the quality of people working in it. We believe our people are knowledgeable, competent, flexible responsive, professional, friendly and eager to put our clients' needs ahead of our own convenience. Here is what some of those clients have written about TASK:

"Our 3-office law firm started the process of outsourcing our word processing in 2003 in response to a progressively changing and more competitive business environment. We were skeptical at first, as we have always worked with one secretary to one attorney. After a recommendation from a colleague, we began the process of transferring our typing to TASK. After a gradual rollout, our three offices have completed the process and we couldn't be happier. The turnaround time for documents is 24 hrs, which is much faster than our own staff could accomplish. TASK has proven the ability to keep up with high volume, including rush assignments, which need to be returned immediately. In addition, Keith has personally trained our staff. As a consequence, we have been able to reduce our labor costs, in order to remain competitive. In sum, TASK has provided us with the opportunity to improve our service to our clients while reducing costs. I would highly recommend Keith Telle and the crew at TASK to any business that is contemplating a move away from in-house word processing."

Jeffrey E. D'Andre, Esq.
D'Andre, Peterson, Bobus & Bruscino

"I started my own firm with a large caseload, and no staff, about 1year ago. I needed transcription immediately, but professionally done. I have used the services of TASK for over 1 year now, and would highly recommend their service to anyone. I don't have to worry about work not being done, staff not showing up, or training a new secretary every few months. It's all done by computer, I never have to leave the office, and I get my letters back the next day, on my letterhead. It's everything I've asked for and needed."

Ronald R. Neach, Esq.
Law Office of Ronald R. Neach

"I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent work you've done for me over the years. The letters, memos and reports are accurate, beautifully formatted and a credit to me and, I'm sure, to the company. I also appreciate your flexibility and readiness to tackle new technical challenges, like policy language add-ons and the like, with a can-do attitude. TASK has made my job much easier and I look forward to many years more of our continued association."

Roger Pettibone,
St. Paul Travelers

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