Phillips 9350

The 4-Position-Switch has always been met with much acclaim from users of dictation equipment. The Digital Pocket MemoŽ 9350 now integrates this useful feature into a state-of-the-art digital device. The single-handed use allows you to continue working in the most familiar way. Workflow management capabilities enable your PC to identify different jobs easily and can dramatically speed up the turnaround of work. A range of other features makes the 9350 the most complete and reliable Pocket MemoŽ in anyone's memory.

  • 4-Position Switch for single-handed use enables you to continue working in the most familiar way.
  • Exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card for simple, efficient data transfer, and flexibility when on the move.
  • Insert, overwrite and delete functions allow full editing capability and continuity of dictation.
Olympus DS4000

Designed to Do More

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the DS-4000 is its "true slide switch" located below the microphone. It's contoured to the thumb for smooth control of record, stop, play and review functions all with the same switch. This model is as equally high-powered as it is versatile with the ability to record 11 hours and five minutes of audio with the included 32MB xD-Picture CardTM, the same memory media used in Olympus Digital Cameras (memory expandable with cards of greater capacity).

Intelligent Design

Here's how it works: Back at the PC or Mac, when the DS-4000 is placed upright in the USB docking station, it enables quick downloading or uploading of voice files to and from the computer

The DS-4000 uses the quality DSS sound recording format, and once files are stored on the device it can automatically compress or extend the number of files within the seven folders, up to 199 per folder. With its compact size, 4.43" (L) x 0.67" (H) x 1.97" (W), the DS-4000 is an ideal traveling companion.

Phillips SpeechMike Classic

The SpeechMike Classic is a powerful dictation tool with the familiar 4-Position Switch. This allows easy one-handed operation and makes migration simple for analog dictation users. Just the right tool for those of us that believe that "simpler is better".

  • 4-Position switch for single-handed operation
  • Connects to Your PC Using The Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  • Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or XP Professional
  • High-Quality microphone, designed for speech applications and Built in Speaker

We can install and configure each of these to suit your needs. These recorders are all compatable with our dictation system, allowing you ease of use and peace of mind.
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