TASK believes you should pay for production, not presence. The chart on the right illustrates the immense difference made when you pay only for production.

We offer something different- digital dictation and transcription. Dictating on to tape works, but this 1940's technology has limitations. Tapes wear out and break. Making a duplicate is impractical. Digital recordings are more clear and duplication is almost automatic. Digital dictation makes transcription an ideal telecommuting task.

Another way to improve your bottom line is to gain greater value out of your current staff without increasing salaries. Instead of spending the majority of their day typing, your secretaries can perform other, more valuable functions for you and your clients.


TASK believes that using technology should make business operations simpler, not more complicated. TASK also believes in using proven products and services that work together effortlessly and efficiently. Therefore, TASK represents the best manufacturers of digital recorders.

TASK will install these for you. TASK further believes that its services need to be client-centered. So, we listen to our clients to determine which set of procedures will best fit into the clientsí environment. Once you settle on a plan, TASK documents the appropriate procedures, installs the tools, and trains you and your staff.


You talk today. TASK delivers tomorrow. Itís that simple. Itís that quick. In a legal environment where speed is rewarded and slowness is penalized, TASKís consistently quick turnaround will let you move on to the the next job sooner. The efficiency of your office will improve.

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